Change Success – Analysing drivers of change

Following on from our previous video on change success, we’re looking for the final time at the full model of planning for and executing change as proposed by Dr. Chris Mason. This statistically proven model helps you to make practical efforts to change your chances of success.  The formula is__R__ (Readiness) x C (Capability) x […]
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Change Success: Calculating your change preparedness 

How do you calculate change readiness?  With change initiatives failing 70% of the time, examining how to prepare yourself and your team for change before you start is important.  We often believe we’re ready for change but don’t fully prepare for the implementation to happen. Even if there’s a plan in place, if you’re not […]
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The Trust Equation

What is the Trust Equation?  Trust is a vital part of any business relationship that’s successful. However, it can be difficult to quantify trust – and even harder to create strategies to improve trust in a business relationship.  By getting to grips with the amount of trust we have in our business relationships, we can […]
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