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Where leaders come together to learn, challenge and support one another

The Director’s Circle is for those looking to accelerate their Next Level journey, whether for scale, transformation, exit, or their development as a leader. It is an invitation only peer community of business leaders and company owners that is both exclusive yet inclusive.

Our community comes together to learn, challenge one another and provide support, but unlike other peer networks, we offer a unique combination of experienced hands-on group coaching, practical no-nonsense guidance, and a safe space to overcome challenges together.

The Director’s Circle isn’t a space for consultants to sell their services. It’s a space for sharing, learning and growing together so we can fulfil our Mission; To to inspire leaders to unlock their full potential.

“Our world is increasingly volatile and uncertain. We believe it is more vital than ever to forge a strong network of like-minded leaders who can support each other with strategic vision, problem-solving skills and valuable experience. This is why we created The Director’s Circle. We’re using technology to fuel human connection, rather than making technology the replacement for genuine interactions. We’re matching highly experienced and diverse leaders with others who can help them build a legacy. We’re creating a learning-first space for those with the growth mindset necessary to weather any storm. We’re focusing on sharing, learning and growing stronger, together.”

Jason Langford-Brown, Founder of The Director’s Circle

A unique blended approach to accelerate your journey

  • Shared Experiences

    Make connections, receive insights and discuss experiences in a facilitated environment.

  • Challenge

    Challenge your thinking in a safe space, with cutting edge business insights and support from diverse leaders and experts.

  • Bring Clarity

    View your current position with total clarity and understand the barriers to your success.

  • Tools & Resources

    Access to business tools, insights and best practice guidance to bolster learning and transform your business.

  • Expert Support

    Connect with experienced and accredited advisors and professional partners for guidance and accountability.

  • Accelerated Implementation

    Take your learnings back to your business with frameworks, roadmaps and digestible insights. Also, optional one to one coaching.

To reach the Next Level and achieve your goals, you first need to understand the potential that lies in yourself, your teams and your organisation. To this aim, we’ve created a blended approach, with resources, expert guidance and insights reinforced by a peer community of like-minded leaders. Our aim is to inspire conversation, challenge established thinking, and connect on a human level with diverse individuals with knowledge to share.


Our events are centred around connection, communication and learning. No matter the setting, we aim to inspire discussion and enjoyment.

Lunches & Dinners

Lunches & Dinners

Our dining events take the conversation into a more informal setting for better creative thinking.

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Director’s Workshop

Director’s Workshop

Professionally led sessions, where members solve problems on current business challenges and future needs.

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Peer Circles

Peer Circles

A safe space for our members to discuss in the moment challenges and learn with their peers.

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Partner Events

Partner Events

Partners that share our key values of growth and learning support our members with new insights & experiences.

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Types of Membership


Pre-approved and able to access all Community Events


Bespoke private circle, resource platform and priority access to all Community Events


Circle membership with additional one to one coaching

Who Can Join?

  • MDs, CEOs & C Suite Directors
  • Functional Directors (Sales, Operations, HR, Finance etc.)
  • Junior Directors (Rising Stars)

The objective is to match you with a Circle that best suits your position and needs, whilst maintaining a diversity of members to support your journey.

Applying for Membership

Membership is strictly by invitation only and we invite you to register your interest by asking an existing member to sponsor you or by contacting us directly at info@directors-circle.com. If you wish to sample an upcoming event, again please reach out to us so we can approve and match you in the most suitable way.

What our members are saying

“ It's not about insights and information but what we can do with them and how can make real change to business and to yourself. The sessions are a great way to share ideas with other professionals with vastly different experiences and businesses and connect with new people. ”

Claire Fudge, Managing Director 4D

“ Rarely do you come off a session feeling different, but I feel the difference this morning in terms of being more focused. I took some real value from it ”

Peter Brewer – Partner, Clarke Willmott LLP 

“ I just wanted to say thank you The Directors Circle Challenge over the weekend, a real eye opener on many fronts. Since I got back it’s really helped with our challenges around leadership & strategic planning styles, which have proved to be both very dynamic & effective. I also met some wonderful and intelligent people which will only help me further ”

Dasos Kirtsides – National Head Healthcare, Shawbrook Bank

“ I got the job! thank you, I couldn’t have done it or had the confidence without your support ”

Jo Williams Executive – CEO, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“ Another great business planning session with @JLangfordBrown of The Director’s Circle this morning, feeling inspired for the weekend! ”

Ruth Pipkin – Founder & Managing Director, Rewired

“ I have known for a while that somehow I am missing something on the ‘detail’ aspect of our business and, despite my best efforts, I have struggled to identify the issue. These sessions have helped the mist to clear and so I just wanted to say how grateful I am. ”

 Rebecca Barry – Operations Director, eNL

“ It’s great to share problems with other Directors who have often already experienced them and in many cases, solved them. The social aspect is also really important as it’s lonely as a leader ”

Naeem Alvi  –  Managing Director , Notepad

“ The external perspective of both the Director’s Circle and its members, has been invaluable ”

Carl Howells  –  Commercial Director , Entegra Europe (A Sodexo Company)

“ As a member we’ve discovered new solutions to making our overall performance better. I think it has brought us more structure and the shared knowledge and experiences has really helped us to develop our overall business strategy.  I would really miss the guidance, the challenging yet positive force and I think the encouragement if I wasn’t a member. I have recommended them many times to my peers and will continue to do so ”

Helen Spencer  –  Managing Partner, WR Partners

“ It’s great to be challenged on your business performance and your business model. The Director’s Circle has provided us with thought processes that are innovative, enabled us to review and challenge our business model, help sharpen and shape it and ultimately become more action oriented ”

Stephen Beech  –  Managing Director, Entegra Europe (A Sodexo Company)

“ The Director’s Circle goes beyond theory to practical, real life business situations. Its action oriented - so there is an output from the sessions which is useful and can be implemented. ”

Stephen Beech  –  Managing Director, Entegra Europe (A Sodexo Company)

“ I would say The Director’s Circle is truly different. This is not from a manual, they are not afraid to go off-piste and take on board the groups opinions. There is no one way or a path in mind, it’s all about you and they are organic and flexible in their approach. They understand that things need to evolve a little bit and that helps cast a different light on things. ”

Marcus Bowen  –  Sales Director, LG Davis

“ I was looking for an opportunity to join something along the lines of developing as a leader at a higher level. The Director’s Circle has given me this in more ways than I could have imagined. I also really value the support of like-minded business leaders ”

Marcus Bowen  –  Sales Director, LG Davis

“ The Director’s Circle has helped me develop myself personally, but I have also been able to pass this onto my team. ”

James Villarreal  –  CEO, Glide

“ What a great bunch of people! I learn a lot ”

Matt Jones  –  Managing Director, Oxbridge

“ As a leader they have helped us look forward and keep thinking differently, whilst staying relevant. ”

Alex Back  –  Sales Director, Glide

“ I didn’t know what good looked like until I joined The Director’s Circle! I now have frameworks, confidence and the capability to work at a much more strategic level ”

Alex Back  –  Sales Director, Glide

“ It’s a lonely place at the top so mixing with people at the same level with the same issues is really useful in working through our challenges ”

Richard Toy  – Group CEO, Auctus Management Group

“ It’s great to get exposure to a senior, high-quality group of people from different industry sectors. I like the engaging and educational nature of the sessions and sharing of best practice ”

Mark Petty  – Sales Director, Dimension Data

“ It’s good to get out of the day to day minutiae of the business and take more of a helicopter view. Being in a group of ambitious and successful people is inspiring and I like that this is not about theory but practical implementation ”

Chris Rawstron  – National Head of Corporate, Irwin Mitchell

“ The Director’s Circle really comes into its own when we share challenges and tools but interpret them differently to deliver real solutions ”

Kevin Watson  – Managing Director, Amadeus (An NEC Group Company)

“ At the end of the day you are getting access to an expensive group of people who all have different roles and approaches that can help you turn challenges into tangible action ”

Sally Beavan  – Managing Director, Santander

“ There is a real power in the group and the ideas that come from it. But for me the tangible results that I get in such a short space of time that I can actually implement is why this is so valuable ”

Sally Beavan  – Managing Director, Santander

“ I love learning and getting new perspectives – you don’t know what you don’t know so for me these sessions are like gold dust! ”

Richard Beard  – CEO, The Jericho Foundation

“ The session covered a lot of ground and was interactive and thought provoking. Great  facilitation,  they obviously knows their subject very well ”

Alan Webb

“ There is always something new at each session, some insights and there is always something for everyone and every business no matter how big or small. Always something to take away and work on ! Great opportunities for networking ”

Claire Fudge, Managing Director  4D

“ The latest Director's Circle raised very interesting thinking that I could immediately translate into action within my business, another great session ”

Conor Taylor, Foress

“ I’ve been to lots of Leader events but this has been far the best: ”

Stuart Hadley, Cyber Q

“ A super session as always, with a strong calibre of leader in the room ”

David Smith, Henderson Loggie

“ Being CEO can often be a lonely place, so it was great to come together with other leaders in the Director’s Circle to share experiences and insights to support each other ”

David Smith, Henderson Loggie

“ It’s great to be challenged on your business performance. The Director’s Circle has provided uswith innovative thought processes. They’ve enabled us to review, challenge, sharpen and shape ourbusiness model, and ultimately become more action-oriented. ”

Stephen Beech – Managing Director, Entegra Europe (A Sodexo Company)

“ It’s good to get out of the day to day minutiae of the business. Being in a group of ambitious andsuccessful people is inspiring, and I like that this is not about theory, but practical implementation. ”

Chris Rawstron – National Head of Corporate, Irwin Mitchell

“ There is a real power in the group and the ideas that come from it. But for me, the tangible results that I get in such a short space of time that I can actually implement is why this is so valuable. ”

Sally Beavan – Managing Director, Santander

“ It’s a lonely place at the top - mixing with people at the same level with similar issues is really useful for working through our challenges. ”

Richard Toy – Group CEO, Auctus Management Group

Questions about the circle?

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